As a 360 agency S3 Advertising specialises in creative, digital, social media and media planning and buying on both local and national levels. There’s a great buzz at S3 Advertising; we’re regularly winning new contracts, pitching against the biggest agencies in the industry.  The purpose of the S3 Academy is twofold: to provide interns with valuable, professional experience and to forge key relationships with universities and other educational establishments. Our aim is to provide people with the requisite analytical skills and the possibility to apply new ideas gained from the experience.  Interns will gain hands-on, practical experience and will benefit from skills development in a professional environment.

The S3 Academy gives interns the opportunity to gain valuable experience and to make connections in professional fields they are considering for their career paths.  At the same time it provides S3 the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent.

You are seeking opportunities that stimulate your interests and provide real‐world experiences.  A meaningful, purposeful internship program will manage your expectations, help you to achieve your goals and ensure that your internship is valuable.

Welcome to S3!

2016 Review

What happened in 2016?
The S3 Academy has been a great success in its first year! We welcomed 28 interns and are delighted to say that the level of skills and knowledge from the students was incredibly high. All have been extremely motivated and committed. People who want to secure their path into the industry and want to succeed. We scheduled nine internship sessions over the year, lasting two weeks across six areas of service. The outcome has been incredible: we are proud to have made job offers to four students.

Two local graduates secured their dream jobs before even finishing their studies thanks to the opportunities offered through the S3 Academy. Ben Horder, 23, from Chepstow, works as a Media Production Assistant whilst Steffan Mitchell, 21, from Carmarthen, has taken the position of Client Side Administrator. In the meantime, two other positions have been offered and secured prior to 2017 graduation.

Key figures

  • 28 interns in 2016
  • 56 applications in total
  • Scheduled nine internship sessions of two weeks
  • Five jobs offered
  • Three positions currently filled
  • Two jobs offered prior to 2017 graduation
  • Six different internships offered from social media, digital, design, web, photo-video and media planning & buying.

USW Testimonial

  • The USW Advertising Design course has been working with the S3 Academy since the start of the 2015/16 academic year and to say it has been a huge success is an understatement.

    Since working with Matt Jones and his dedicated team of highly talented staff, across all three years of the course, the students have felt more empowered, informed and confident that they can gain employment within the creative industry, particularly advertising in the city that they have chosen to study for three years.  This fact has been a major plus for our course since last autumn. Our students have benefitted from several insightful talks from every single team within the S3 agency thus understanding the various roles within the industry on a daily basis. They have had a tour of the agency, worked on a live brief with the S3 Creative team and best of all one of our graduating students has secured a full time position at S3, starting in June 2016.

    Working with successful local creative agencies such as S3 not only helps our students it also helps the course and faculty of Creative Industries within USW in terms of profile and future student recruitment.  We have 47 students joining the USW Advertising Design course in September 2016 which is the highest number we have ever recruited.  Working with the S3 Academy has been one of the reasons for this increase in student numbers as potential students can witness our industry engagement via our social media platforms.

    Another knock-on effect of working with the S3 Academy is that our graduating students have a new mind-set that they do not have to move to London to gain employment within the industry and with such high profile brands such as the BBC and Sky TV investing resources into South Wales, especially the city of Cardiff we are very lucky to have such supportive partners as the S3 Academy.

    University of South Wales
    University of South Wales

Student testimonials

  • I really enjoyed my internship at S3. I have learned so much from working in a group, asking questions to each department I needed help in, my mind has also been opened to what you can achieve when you also work in a team. I really enjoyed the overall experience, but the one thing that stood out to me the most was the pitch at the end of the internship. Matt gave lots of insight and it has helped me learn so much already. Its taught me to think of things differently in terms of campaigns and how to reach certain demographics.

    Matthew Jenkins
  • Thank you to you and all of S3 for giving me the opportunity and a wonderful experience!

    Jessica Clarke
  • I really value the knowledge I gained from yourself and the team and loved my time in the office. I am feeling as motivated as ever and cannot thank you enough for the experience. I wish you and the team all the best!

    Caterina La Barbera