A new feature of the S3 Academy, S3 Advertising is launching a ‘senior internship programme’. At S3 we truly believe that experience is important, and that, whatever your age we will offer people the opportunity to quickly learn new skills and to benefit from the advertising industry. As a 35+, you will be entitled to one month’s paid internship. Interns will follow the S3 Academy process and will also be requested to produce work on actual client projects. There is no guarantee of permanent employment on conclusion of the internship.


  • Applicants must be aged 35+.
  • Paid internship: based on the Cardiff UK living wage
  • Number of places available: 4
  • As a member of the team, commitment will be key. You will be required to work 37.5 hours/week, Monday to Friday.
  • The internship programme will be regulated by a fixed term contract.

To Apply

Internship opportunities are advertised here on the S3 website.

  • Application forms to be completed and preferable dates to be selected.
  • Complete the submission form, upload your CV and portfolio and submit a video link (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo). In order to be eligible to be shortlisted for interview, all applicants must record a video explaining why they should be chosen. Remember: it takes something unique to stand out from the crowd!
  • Submit through the S3 website.
  • We will review all applications and select the most appropriate for interview.
  • Dependant on the volume of applications there may be a waiting list.

Please note there will be one intern per service at any one time. If you would like to spend your two weeks in two different services (one per week) please specify on your application form.


Interview session: from the 18th – 29th September
Internship dates: from the 1st – 30th November
Duration: One month

Senior Internship Form