Digital PPC Stat
77% of the population in the UK purchase online once a month.
People in the UK do more online shopping than in any other country.
(Source: 2014, The Connected Consumer UK, TNS / Google.)
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We take the traditional advertising approach and turn it on its head.

The in-depth information we harvest from our digital campaigns perfectly complements the work we undertake with other advertising mediums and reaches target audiences in the right place, at the right time but most importantly when in the right mind-set. We plan the reach of ads so that they target the relevant people, which in turn leads to the best return on investment. We do this by hitting the customer on every touch point.

Whether the target market is searching online, visiting a website, watching a video or socialising with friends online, we serve ads to them accordingly. We can even follow previous website visitors around the internet, using advertising that’s specifically tailored to the last thing they researched. We use WordStream, an online marketing tool suite, allowing us to create, optimise, manage and measure high-performing paid search campaigns.

Services we provide :

PPC Management
Search Campaigns
Display Campaigns
Gmail sponsored ads
Mobile marketing
Facebook/PPC LinkedIn
Google Analytics Consulting

I have seen the evolution of PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing and social media and have embraced these changes.

Joe McMullen
Head of Digital

Under my management I have seen the power of digital advertising work as effectively for small business as it has for a large business; small companies sold their niche products to wider customer bases for the fraction of the cost; the biggest buyer of paid traffic in the UK saw how important a strong digital presence maintained and enhanced their strong brand presence.

Throughout my career I have worked by three key rules:

Learn as much as you can about the subject
There is so much information online that I found you can become reasonably authoritative on the subject in a short space of time.

Assume nothing, always be data driven
Digi-sense is the new common sense. So much data can be accumulated that it is so important to phase out the gut feeling and look at the figures before a decision is made.

Don’t get comfortable; there is always something new coming.
Programmatic Advertising and Dynamic Creative are completely reshaping how we buy into and target our clients’ audiences. We know that not one size fits all. With our Programmatic platform we can target a varied range of Ad Networks, not just Google or Bing. With Dynamic Creative, we can tailor ads dynamically, by the time of day, audience interests, even the weather. Combined, these two offerings provide a powerful campaign strategy, delivering ads where, when and how the target audience is most receptive.

  • S3 Advertising have been so easy to work with and nothing is too much trouble. Within a few short months they already feel part of our team! Their in-depth knowledge of digital and the ability to understand, optimise and produce high quality campaigns and reports are particularly impressive.

    University of South Wales
    University of South Wales
  • S3 are a joy to work with. We have confidence that our campaigns are safe in the hands of their industry experts and that they will deliver on their promises. We meet regularly with Becky and the account management and social media teams and are seeing real, tangible results. We look forward to working with them in the future.

    Street Games Wales
  • Andrew Morris, Head of Fundraising – “Superb agency to work with, very professional, exceptionally creative and great results. Highly recommended.”

  • We’ve been working with the fabulous team at S3 for the past six months to grow and promote our online presence through SEO and multiple Google AdWords campaigns. Matt and Adam, our digital gurus, are faultless. Constantly shaping and developing our campaign on a daily basis to achieve fantastic results. We love a visit to The Lion’s Den for in-depth updates and reviews on our account and look forward to many more campaigns and projects with the S3 team.

    Spectrum Collections
  • “We have been so pleased with all your work on this part of the campaign and have had some great results.”

    Community Housing Association
    Community Housing Association
  • “We thoroughly enjoyed our two years working with S3. They have innovative ideas and state of the art software and industry connections which mean that we can target our advertising exactly how and where we want it. S3 are friendly yet professional and it is a pleasure to work with people who are as enthusiastic about our brand as we are.”

    St Davids Catholic College
    St David’s Catholic College
  • “Efficient, professional, creative, always making the service very personal. Worked with Matt for many years. Always happy with the service.”

    Motorpoint Arena
    Motorpoint Arena
  • “S3’s digital campaign had a real impact. Their combination of managed social media, paid for AdWords and video delivered our three goals of ticket sales, social media public awareness and interaction with our social media platforms.”

    Theatr Clwyd
    Theatr Clwyd
  • “I was blown over by their proposal and look forward to developing a long term productive working relationship with the S3 team.”

    Mr Tom Client Product
    Mr Tom
  • I’ve had many a conversation with agencies who will say, “We work with lots of businesses like yours so we know exactly what you want!” and guess what – you usually end up with what everyone else already has. This didn’t happen with S3 Advertising. I felt that they really listened to what we wanted, made no assumptions and came up with some fresh ideas that we hadn’t considered. We are really delighted with the work they did for us.

    Can Do lettings brand logo
    Can Do Lettings