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91% of British adults consume news across print and online.
62% consuming popular daily news brands*. There are more opportunities than ever before to reach your target audience and share your story.
PR Service Stat

Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.

It’s all fancy events, champagne, celebrities and freebies isn’t it? Ah, we wish. It’s ironic that PR sometimes has a bad reputation when that’s what it’s about: reputation.

Apparently PR is more subtle and persuasive than advertising. Obviously the advertising team at S3 would refute that, they live and breathe advertising and know it delivers exceptional results. But they wouldn’t deny that PR and advertising are closely linked and that combining their powers can boost the impact of your communications campaign.

Positive publicity and great media coverage for a brand is very rarely down to good luck; it’s usually the result of a carefully planned PR campaign. The media landscape has changed dramatically as audiences have moved online for their news, views and opinions. But PR continues to play a key role in delivering messages to those audiences.

Whether you want to shout about some really great news, or even deliver some bad news in the best way possible, we can devise and implement an effective PR strategy to enhance or protect your brand’s reputation.

We’re no pussy cats when it comes to spotting a great news hook, and we will work together as a team to focus on the goal and hunt down exposure for your brand.

The most impactful PR campaign should incorporate a strong digital strategy and that’s where we really stand out from the crowd.

We draw upon our range of in house services – creative, digital, social, web design, web development, media planning and buying – to devise fully integrated communications campaigns which raise awareness and achieve objectives.

As industry leaders we strive to stay ahead of the competition by continually improving and expanding our digital and social media offerings, producing great campaigns which disrupt audiences and leave a lasting impact.
Rebecca Campbell
Rebecca Campbell
Business Director

In addition to offering ‘traditional’ PR services such as media relations, copywriting, crisis communications and event management, we also specialise in digital public relations. The success of digital PR depends on how captivating your content is, and we are brimming over with creative ideas to engage with online audiences and drive traffic to your website.

We can write tailored press releases for news sites, generate blog content, identify online influencers, outreach to relevant bloggers or produce multimedia materials for social platforms. Our team of web experts will also utilise their skills to optimise online content and boost your website’s SEO rankings.