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63% of adults use social media weekly.
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Top secret and super-intelligent social media monitoring

Here at S3 we’ve invested in a top secret and super-intelligent social media monitoring platform that allows us to cut out the noise and engage in conversations that matter the most! Using buzzword filters we can tap into real-time conversations from around the globe and instantly interact. Impressive, huh? We consider and research the optimal times to post, always tailoring our processes to each individual client.

It’s not just our high-tech platform that sets us apart from the rest though, our super-savvy social media knowledge is key to producing top-quality, ambitious posts.  Keeping demographics and audiences in-mind we create content that is relevant and engaging, through platforms that are appropriate to them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, the list is endless, and so is the number of followers for each of our clients!

As Head of Social I monitor and contribute to the social media presence of S3’s clients. I pride myself on being anti-social when it comes to the accounts I manage.
Danny Hayes-Lissack

I and the rest of #TeamSocial understand that social media never sleeps. Our management is constant; around the clock, all day, every day.  Ensuring no notifications are neglected and everything is perfectly filtered allows us to guarantee that our clients will have a continuous, engaging online presence.  Continually creating and researching new and out-there content helps us to inspire, engage and disrupt our audiences.  Fresh and relevant content for our clients is what makes our audiences want to keep coming back for more and drives them to ‘share’, ‘favourite’ and ‘like’ what we create!  We know what’s going to make followers stop in their tracks during a scrolling session!

Stat time. 63% of adults use social media weekly.  That’s an impressive 1875% increase in seven years.  If ever there was a time to get your brand up-to-speed with the latest social media trends, it’s now.  Our social media is omnipresent.  Our audiences consume even when they don’t realise they are consuming; on the bus, at work or out for lunch, they are digesting our content through phones, tablets and computers.  Our audiences vary for each client, from young to old, we consider the demographic and build on it.  We can target the main spectators and adjust our tone to empathise with them.  And that’s how we capture and disrupt our audiences.