Brace yourself for a digital campaign better than sliced bread

Founded in 1902, Wales and West of England’s no.1 bread and baking brand, Braces has always been committed to family values and embracive communities throughout its existence.

Having served the Welsh valleys for over 100 years and delivered door to door services for a large period of that time, they have steadily increased distribution to shops and supermarkets since.

Their story is a proud one and a rare sight in this day and age, something that S3 thought should take centre stage within everything they do.
Wanting to increase awareness of this and provide a better overall customer experience, Brace’s enlisted the help of our web design team to recreate their site and truly bring their story to life.

Previously, the brand’s outdated website lacked a distinct connection with customers and failed to communicate the level of warmth and love that goes into every bake, something we knew had to change. Which is exactly what we did.

Starting with a brand new heritage timeline, we told the Brace’s story using an easily understood, modern approach. We ensured each element of the family’s unique history was simply expressed and through attaching the family’s legacy to their great products, we helped the brand’s bakery collection effectively stand out amongst competition.

Our addition of a timeline effortlessly resonated with family audiences – before an innovative product page helped take this even further.
Vibrant and clean imagery accompanied by a concise description of each product now shows off bakery creations imaginatively, while an improved parallax navigation system and burger menu also ensures customers are able to make their way around the website without difficulty.

Likewise, introducing a newsletter sign up and incorporating social media channels to the sites structure have successfully lead to an increase in brand interaction and brought Brace’s customer experience thoroughly up to date.
We didn’t stop there, either.

To ensure the introduction of social navigation to the website was effectively used, Brace’s also asked S3 to manage their three main channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They wanted an around-the-clock social presence that was reactive to current trends, responsive to each and every single one of their customers and capable of posting drool-worthy content.

With this in mind, we set out to create a matching tone of voice for the brand along with fresh batches of content – suitable for seasonal food appeal, family fun and community engagement.

A new suite of original content was created through a series of shoots, filling user feeds with requested drool-worthy lifestyle imagery of products.
From covering the live efforts of Brace’s resilient delivery drivers during March’s snow days, to sharing Brace’s reaction to Harry and Meghan’s visit to Wales, Brace’s Bakery was always part of the trending online conversation – especially when local brands and even celebrity followers were getting involved, too (thank you, Ruth Wignall and Derek the Weatherman!).

Our use of social media accelerated the brand’s improved customer experience even further with a vast amount of exposure.

Altogether – 1,796,914 eyeballs saw our Brace’s social campaign within six months, with top performing posts racking up over 100k organic reach at a time. Audiences engaged with the content 28,565 times and actively enjoyed commenting back and forth with their beloved family brand.

All of this as well as supporting the launch of the new ‘doorstep’ loaf, which saw over 17k video views and a PR coverage splash on WalesOnline – prompting users to deliver their verdict on the new loaf, including: “Welcome back the Brace’s I remember!”
You could say, we more than rose to the occasion.

All of which can be found by visiting the following links (see Oct 2017 – Apr 2018):