It’s our business to help finance yours.

Year one

Since April 2018, we’ve been the Development Bank of Wales’ primary advertising agency. Together, we have worked to successfully encompass the Banc’s core values and agenda’s, forming a partnership that has gone from strength to strength over the past two years.

When the brand came to us with very clear, principal objectives based around increases in brand awareness, loan enquiries and applications – we gladly accepted the challenge and set off on a quest to truly catapult the organisation’s recruitment strategy.

To be successful in doing so, we knew we’d need to create a fully integrated communications campaign – able to fully break down the barrier of communicating the brand’s key proposition.

So, with particular emphasis across above-the-line media, that’s exactly what we did.

The approach

Beginning with a heavy period of audience and market analysis, we jumped straight into the banc’s owned data, as well as insights gleamed from Experian, Mintel and Business Wales – providing us with meaningful insight, able to drive our creative campaign. Realising any approach would need to focus on the distinct and often challenging role of a business owner, our devised strategy required us to deliver a case study-led creative solution that not only spoke directly to business owners of Wales, but also led by perfect example.

It’s our business to help finance yours.

Our creative response revolved around this overarching thought and tagline, bringing inspiring business case studies, previously funded by the bank to life. When positioned alongside a tactful, channel strategy – we began to positively elevate the bank’s new brand message.

Using a mix of TV, Radio, Out of home and a multi-faceted digital campaign, we started delivering our message through meticulously planned ATL and BTL media types. Targeted around growth regions and seasonality, we delivered a campaign that met both the brand awareness and applications targets set across year one with flying colours.

Year two development

After achieving our year one targets however, our perfectionist personalities stepped straight back into action – striving for bigger and better outputs. In our second year working with the brand, we collaborated seamlessly with the brand’s in-house marketing team to produce a campaign that was even smarter and more efficient.

Enlisting the expertise of YouGov, we ran qualitative focus groups and additional quantitative research surveys with varied members of our audience group, before walking the Banc through the findings. We then posed the question: Was our creative hitting the right note with our audience, could we do anything to improve?

The answer was yes. Our case study-led approach was preferred by all those testing, but in the process we learned vital insights about this collective group that helped steer creative development between client and agency.

Change in strategy

Using the research, we continued working closely to improve on strategic output, ensuring visuals clearly reflected the business sectors they were advertising and took further steps to make the brand proposition clearer than ever before, through concise design.

Heightening our examination, S3 recommended a move to an always-on digital media campaign, powered by a greater raft of effective content. Case studies became represented through engaging, humanised video as well as impactful photography, taking care to ensure our clips were optimised for the digital media platforms they were going to be served on – captured using portrait, mobile-first footage.

With year two of the contract currently delivering at +54% on its application KPI and set to achieve record-breaking results – our continued development and refinement has once more provided clients with exactly what they need to excel, helping brands to realise their potential.