Building a New Home for Four Walls

A 2015 Ipsos MORI survey showed that only 25% of people trust estate agents to tell the truth. And it was to help dispel this notion of estate agents being untrustworthy as to why CanDo Lettings approached S3 Advertising.

Wanting to create an innovative, online property experience for consumers, CanDo Lettings employed our services to help build a new brand from scratch.

So much more than just a tagline and logo, however, our brand identity process provides an overall communication for a brand. It’s also about being authentic, unique and genuine, providing a brand content strategy focused on delivering the brand’s promise.

Working alongside the client, we initially undertook extensive market and competitor research that helped us clearly define industry trends, as well as what consumers look for from an online estate agent.

With a solid foundation of research, we then held a series of brand chemistry sessions comprising exercises to establish all facets of the brand: from name to strapline; positioning to values; personality to platform.

Wanting to create a brand name that was memorable, relevant and reflected the brand platform, our in-house copywriter provided numerous options to the client. Portraying a sense of stability and security, both client and copywriter unanimously agreed that Four Walls was the standout option.

It was then up to S3’s design team to complete the process with a distinctive logo. Wanting to portray Four Wall’s positioning as a 21st century, online estate agents, we incorporated modern yet timeless fonts and colours into a clever, succinct visual that perfectly mirrored the notion of a house’s four walls.

Together, all of these elements allowed the brand to coherently connect its purpose, positioning, strategy, people and customer experience, enabling FourWalls to deliver their brand in a way that created an authentic, emotional connection with its audience.

By defining and delivering a unique brand for Four Walls, we were able to provide our client with a platform that would help build brand awareness and loyalty.

Indeed, Four Walls were so impressed by our integrated approach that they employed the services of our award-winning media team, who went to work on planning and buying an outdoor campaign to help Four Walls build this awareness and loyalty.

Combining the high dwell time of bus rears and the frequency of radio (the ad for which was written and recorded by our own production team), with the trust and fame of 48” sheets and the footfall of inner-city 6” sheets; we were able to provide the best possible platform for Four Walls to launch their new brand.

A platform that would help create and lead a vision in a cluttered marketplace, attracting and generating profit in the process. A platform that, simply put, ensured Four Walls wasn’t just another untrustworthy estate agents

Services Provided

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