Product Passion Brought To Life


Proud Production

Over the past year, S3’s tightly-knit CGI, Production and PR departments have worked closely across the production of eight product launches for commemorative specialists – The London Mint Office.

From celebrating 100 years since the end of the WW1 and 75th anniversary of D-Day, to the rejoice of Irish independence and several more – each piece of creative has told the story of a momentous product, in memory of historical events.

Each piece, aiming to inspire collectors with a specific interest in times gone by to purchase products and pay tribute to some of the most defining moments in our past.

Our Approach

As a company, The London Mint Office’s requirements vary for each type of item they would like to advertise, meaning as a creative team – we have had to adjust and strategise each piece of content accordingly, using the correct formats to match the particular audience we are attempting to reach.

Across all television advertising for the brand however, we have utilised our innovative methods of CGI modelling, photography and motion. Specifically, in order to effectively bring each product to life, whether it be in the form of a silver layered ingot or anniversary coin – all pieces of creative have centred on reminding audiences of the heroic actions that have come before us, as well as forming a platform to sell the product itself.

When asked to produce a creative advertisement showcasing and selling pure silver ingot marking the centenary of the end of the First World War, we were thrilled. We began photographing the issue ingot, before remodelling, rendering and adding fine details to its 3D model.

The Creative Strategy

Once formed, we then set about delving into the products history, before producing content focusing on the distinguishable character, Lord Kitchener.

The First World War’s recruitment drive relied heavily on carefully designed propaganda posters, featuring whom, appeared on town walls throughout the county – enticing Britons to join their country’s army and help the cause.

Bringing these famous recruitment posters to life, in a 3D world, we focused on the accusatory finger pointing figure and took viewers on a journey, engrossing them in a design that is instantly recognisable, 100 years on.

Paying tribute once more to the many men who answered the call and left their homes and families to serve their king and country – we are very proud to have worked with the brand in producing such work and many other meaningful pieces.



“S3 have oozed creativity though the many projects they have worked on with us, really bringing our TV advertising to life in particular. The team are extremely accommodating and really make the whole process of production and development a walk in the park, caring deeply about everything that they create.” – Scott Wilson-Evans, PR & Media Communications Manager at The London Mint Office