Finding The G (uilt-free) Spot

Brief & Objectives

Across January and February 2019 – guilt-free dessert brand, Oppo came to S3 in pursuit of a disruptive and stand-out PR/Social campaign. Its primary objective to effectively spark an explosion of conversation around them within the industry.

In an ever-diversifying, innovative product category, Oppo wanted a campaign that would help them stand out from the rest. An oppo-tunity that we relished.

The brand challenged us to disrupt the marketplace, focusing on three of their key attributes: sophistication, hedonism and desire. In an exciting campaign concentrated around Valentine’s Day, a time when these traits are often at their highest – that’s exactly what we did.

The objectives were clear:

  • Position Oppo as an adult brand
  • Inspire new audiences
  • Build conversation in its category
  • Provoke strong PR & social media coverage
  • Increase social following
  • Increase its e-newsletter sign-ups by 1,000

With the mission of elevating this newly formed brand personality and with tone of voice in-hand, we set out to help the no-strings attached brand become the owner of ‘healthy indulgence’ and #goodtemptation.

Our Approach

This process began by partnering with sex toy champion, Ann Summers to create a branded ‘Spooning Kit’ for press, influencers and consumers that would reflect the provocative, adult tone we were looking to convey. The kit comprised: indulgent Oppo ice cream/cheesecake, a golden dessert spoon and to top it all off, an Ann Summers Moregasm Bullet.

Yep, you read it right!

This strategy required us to build a desirable and timely press story around Valentine’s Day, with emphasis on self (or shared) love; creatively introducing Oppo’s fresh, dark and decadent style throughout.

Having sent this pleasure kit to selected media audiences, accompanied by a press release, the response was incredible – we secured eight pieces of media coverage for the brand. Of which, we achieved an ‘opportunity to see’ rate of over 1.7 million, with journalists from outlets such as MTV, Cosmopolitan, LadBible and more all taking a keen interest in covering the product.

But this was just the beginning…

We then combined this package with a landing page, teasing the consumer launch of the spooning kit and ran an online voucher giveaway to help build on its momentum, among new and existing audiences.

With the site’s main objectives to build awareness of the consumer-facing product, a new tone of voice, and to increase Oppo’s database of consumers, it became a vital aspect of the campaign, responsible for driving in store-purchase, using gifted vouchers.

The site and product launch were then further enhanced using a series of provocative, witty typography, posted across social media channels to familiarise audiences with the brand’s new tone of voice and appearance.

The posts likewise hinted towards the coming of something new, all the while promoting the site’s URL –, taking audiences directly to the release.

The Results

This suite of social content consisted of 13 static images, four social banners and 11 GIFs, making up 28 posts that achieved an increase of 1,838 followers over the period of their posting.

On top of this, the posts received in excess of 560k impressions and 6.5k engagements – with a massive spike over the week building up to Valentine’s Day, successfully leading to over 33,000 site visitors, 18,000 voucher requests and 8.2k a-newsletter sign-ups (+96.6% prior to the campaign).

We think they found the guilt-free spot.