Creating a Mouthful – Posh Sausage Pop up

In September 2018, Porc.Wales sought the help of an ad agency to further establish pork from Wales as a source of high quality, great-tasting meat made with the highest standards of animal welfare.

After choosing S3, the aims of the campaign were then outlined in more detail: effectively showcase the high quality pork produce Wales has to offer and ultimately change consumer perceptions by encouraging members of the public to buy pork supplied by Welsh farmers.

After devising the strategy of a bespoke activation, we were tasked with creating and organising a banger of an event for the brand, using the activation as a means to generate positive exposure in the press and achieve social media engagement throughout.

Our PR team decided to produce a pop-up experience that would epitomise the high quality produce Wales has to offer and so devised the concept of the ‘Posh Sausage Pop Up’; a gourmet dining experience, complete with waiting service. A creative Cardiff event capable of experientially demonstrating that with pork from Wales, even sausages from a hot dog stand can achieve gourmet quality.

The team went on to create a social media calendar for the occasion and to get the ball rolling, in July, promoted a competition at the Royal Welsh Show called ‘Put Your Best Sausage Forward’. This was open to all Porc.Wales ‘porximity’ members with the winner supplying the pop-up with their finest Welsh produce. The competition was won by Gwynedd-based ‘Oinc Oink’ and during the competition process, the pop-up began building traction on social media with additional photography and video from the show being used to support social platforms.

Following the Royal Welsh, a week before the pop-up, our team created a press release providing details of the upcoming event and circulated content to Welsh national/Cardiff-centric press outlets including Wales Online and Made in Cardiff. The result was impressive with 17 published items of press coverage combining an OTS (opportunity to see) rate of over 1.4 million. All this as well as contacting local food bloggers and influencers via Porc.Wales’ social media accounts to further the level of reach.

While the build-up was taking place, our design team was hard at work creating an attractive, eye catching pop-up stand, capable of maximising additional press coverage as well as strong, engaging social content over the duration of the event.

Porc.Wales branded signage and boards were produced, achieving an atheistically attractive feel with strong, memorable branding. This, accompanied by premium waiting staff, tables, chairs and tableware helped to achieve the desired ‘posh’ aesthetic which when pulled together, resulted in the pop-up being a resounding success.

Over the course of the event, all 150 supplied ‘Oinc Oink’ hot dogs sold out and over 5,000 social accounts were reached virally, introducing Porc.Wales to thousands of potential, new consumers.

What’s more, surveys conducted at the end of the event suggested members of the public would now be looking to buy from Porc.Wales suppliers, with 94% of participants saying they would now actively look to purchase local sausages and pork produce next time they go shopping.

With all this and over 65,000 social impressions recorded over one week, you could say the event was kind of a pig deal and definitely something our ad agency is pretty proud of.