The RFCA for Wales’ Website a Force to be Reckoned With Following S3 Refresh

Having started his career as one of the youngest Lance Corporals in the Welsh Guards, S3’s CEO, Matt Jones, has always had an extremely close affinity for the British Armed Forces.

So when the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (RFCA) for Wales approached S3 in need of a new website, he knew this project would be the perfect fit for the agency.

Too heavy on content and lacking in functionality and eye-catching design, RFCA for Wales’ website was in need of a complete refresh.

And, in order to bring it into the 21st century, our web development team went to work on creating an in-depth site structure; including mock-ups, wireframes and visual moodboards.

With mobile searches now outstripping desktop searches, we approached this project with a ‘mobile first’ mentality – preparing mobile designs first and ensuring that the site was accessible and user-friendly for users who will likely be accessing the RFCA for Wales website on a mobile device.

We then used these initial templates to subsequently prepare tablet and desktop versions, ensuring the site looked good and was accessible on all devices from smallest to largest.

Using the simplicity of WordPress’ Content Management System, we went to work on creating a truly visually-led web home for the RFCA. Combining hero imagery with bright colours, modern typeface with minimal text and seamless functionality with an optimised user experience; culminating in a website that the RFCA for Wales could be truly proud of.

As well as creating a website that not only looked great and functioned easily for its users, we also wanted to create a portal that would be extremely easy for the RFCA’s end-users to operate. Again, WordPress’ user-friendly nature meant that we were able to implement back-end functionality that made it easy for anyone from RFCA for Wales to add content to the site in the future.

The result was a body of work that not only met the client’s expectations, but far exceeded them. So much so, in fact, that the RFCA will return to produce another website for a separate project in the near future.