The purpose of the S3 Academy is twofold: to provide interns with valuable, professional experience and to forge key relationships with universities and other educational establishments.

1/ Agency – Educational organisations’ relationships

The S3 Academy allows us to forge great, long standing relationships with schools and universities, allowing us to work alongside them and to complement their curriculum. As part of the programme our experts also have opportunity to visit educational establishments to present and promote S3 and the Academy to students, giving an insight into what we do and what they can aspire to.

Over the last year, S3 Advertising has been involved in many different projects with schools and universities: live briefs, creative briefs, agency presentations, expert talks, agency tours etc. Our role is to assist students in their graduation and to promote the complementarity of education and business.

Our goal is to grow and nurture the S3 Academy, thus providing a home of creativity to Welsh graduates.

Our plan has always been to secure the most talented people from the industry and to attract the highest calibre of candidates, whether they are just starting out or have already gained valuable years of experience. As the business continues to grow and we go from strength to strength we hope to provide more opportunities for young people looking to gain skills, experience and a foot on the ladder of their chosen career path.”
Matt Jones, CEO.

Experience in the industry is desirable. Experience at S3 is critical.

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