Here at S3, we know that a business is only as good as the highly-skilled, resourceful, happy staff behind it.

We also understand that you want to make the most of your in-house team, eliminating the need to outsource work wherever possible.

Cue the S3 Training School: a highly informative, friendly, face-to-face learning environment where our experts can pass on the knowledge, tips and tricks that have made them industry leaders to your staff.

Here at S|3 Advertising we have over 20 experts working across seven specialist areas. From Digital and Social Media to Photo/Video and Media Planning & Buying, S3 Advertising can teach you and your team new skills, advise on new trends and provide tangible, applicable tips and advice to help improve your business.

The goal of our training schools is not to sell our services but rather to help our partners solve their own problems.

Two training school options are available to you:

  1. A personal training school: a bespoke session tailored around your company’s goals with the members of your team only.
  2. A pre-booked training school where you will learn about new trends and tips in a specific field of expertise. These are open to multiple companies/individuals.

Regardless of budget or time constraints, we want to create a training timetable that suits YOUR needs.  After all, we want your campaigns enjoy the same success as our own.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then give us a ring on 02920 373 321, or drop us an e-mail at We’ll get the kettle on…

Set up and ready for a Training School

Our courses


In this day and age, almost everyone has the power to take stunning photos simply by reaching for their smartphone; it’s possible to produce images and videos of a professional standard. Take your images to the next level with simple tips and tricks, from composing your photo to post-production editing (preparing those images for Instagram!).


Need a gentle push in the right direction when it comes to securing the best ad spots? Yep, you’ve guessed it: our Media Planning & Buying team will provide the same training that helped make them the best around. You will be introduced to our experts who will walk you through the benefits and pitfalls to look out for.


You’ve followed them via social media, now it’s time to pick our experts’ brains for the need-to-know info as to why they hate bitly links, incorrectly scheduled content and off-centred images.


This course has been designed to give new and intermediate Google Analytics users – or anyone using the tool on a daily basis – the opportunity to gain practical knowledge of the tool. You will be introduced to some of the fundamentals of web analytics, the Google Analytics interface and the key reports. We will then take a deeper look at the most useful elements for you and your business.