Think all advertising agencies are the same?
Once upon a time, maybe.

But then we came along and disrupted everything. We didn’t just break the rules, we ground them into dust.

We don’t care how the rest of the industry works – S3 is an agency where talent is king and titles the pauper. We won UK’s Advertising Agency of the Year, 2016, because we are the best at what we do. Some of us are misfits, some misunderstood, some indecipherably cerebral and a few of us are even certifiably crazy. What we do have in common is we’re all passionate, driven and fiercely loyal. We’re never satisfied and we’re always hungry. Join the pride, and see for yourself.

‘We challenge perceptions and connect the dots between brands and consumers. How? By having access to global database platforms and utilising our own data and research tools. It also helps that we have +320 years of collective advertising experience.’
Matt Jones / CEO
Matt Jones Mission Statement


Indeed, talent is our best asset. We’re composed of complementary minds and passionate people. As a strong and united team, we challenge our clients’ briefs. We provide unrivalled skills and knowledge, ALWAYS surpassing expectations.

We don’t just talk the talk; here at S3 we walk the walk and we’ve got the awards to prove it. The 2016 RAR Awards saw us win four times, being recognised as the UK’s best agency (under 40 staff) for advertising, media buying, creative and innovation and online media buying.

We are extremely proud to be ranked number one UK at the Drum Digital Census 2014, 2015 AND 2016 for Excellent Client Feedback in the Media Agencies Sector. And if that wasn’t enough, we also ranked third in the Drum Independent Agency Census Elite media and were named The Drum’s 2016 Advertising Agency of the Year.

Still think all advertising agencies are the same? We didn’t think so…

Datganiad yr iaith Gymraeg

Mae S3 Advertising yn ymroddedig I’r iaith Gymraeg ac yn gallu cyfeithu unrhyw ddogfen sydd wedi cael ei greu gan y cwmni.

Rydym hefyd yn darparu gwasanaethau cyfieithu  yn unrhyw un o’n cyfarfodydd pe bai bod digon o rhybydd. Ein nod lle bynnag sy’n bosibl yw i drin yr iaith Gymraeg yn gyfartal i Saesneg.

Welsh Language Statement

S3 Advertising is committed to the Welsh language and can provide translation for any documents produced by our organisation.

We can also provide translation services at any of our meetings given sufficient notice.  Our aim wherever possible is to treat the Welsh language equally to English.

S3 Advertising is an IPA member