Who are we?
Who aren’t we?

As a 360°, 21st century creative agency – we’re made up of the like-minded and the open-minded. From the deep thinkers, design lovers, left or right side brainers, to the misfits and certifiably crazy – we’ve got it all.


Talent, passion and loyalty take lead in this pride.

Unlike most advertising agencies, we can name everybody who works here, tell you what they like for lunch and who’s most likely to be dancing at our office bar on a Friday evening.

As a strong and united team, we champion bold ideas, achieve ambitious results, make intelligent decisions and do it all to a professional standard.

We don’t just talk the talk; here at S3 we walk the walk and we’ve got the awards to prove it. In 2018 we had five number one rankings at the Drum Top 100 Agency Census, including #1 Independent Advertising Agency in Wales and 28th Best Independent Ad Agency in the UK.

We have proudly been named 2019 winners of CIM Best Integrated Marketing Campaign (Large), Drum Digital Awards winner, and in 2018 – winners of two CIPR awards: Consumer Relations Campaign and Arts category, as well as Culture and Sport.

We’re never satisfied and we’re always hungry for more. Take a look for yourself at just how creative Cardiff can be.

S3 Advertising is an IPA member

Datganiad yr iaith Gymraeg

Mae S3 Advertising yn ymroddedig I’r iaith Gymraeg ac yn gallu cyfeithu unrhyw ddogfen sydd wedi cael ei greu gan y cwmni.

Rydym hefyd yn darparu gwasanaethau cyfieithu  yn unrhyw un o’n cyfarfodydd pe bai bod digon o rhybydd. Ein nod lle bynnag sy’n bosibl yw i drin yr iaith Gymraeg yn gyfartal i Saesneg.

Welsh Language Statement

S3 Advertising is committed to the Welsh language and can provide translation for any documents produced by our organisation.

We can also provide translation services at any of our meetings given sufficient notice.  Our aim wherever possible is to treat the Welsh language equally to English.